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Leg Pain, Soreness


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short story...sex 3 months ago, right leg, butt, right arm pains. Burning to dull cramps to a "tightness" in the muscle feeling.

Pain in right scrotum / inner thigh area, almost gone but still feel it if I move the right way.

One red pimple on my penis, gone in a few days. A couple white smaller than pinhead size dots, gone in a couple days

Nothing more on my penis.

What I call "traveling pains". A sharp pain in my lip, my hip, my penis, my leg, my foot. Last for a few seconds and its gone never follwed by any sore, lesion, patchy area or itching. Here and gone. Happens maybe 10 to 20 times a day. Some worse than others.

Urologist diagnosed me with epididimytis and prostatitus. Seems too coincidental for this to be happening a week or so after the sex.

6 docs have said its not herpes but that is by visual only

If its not herpes, any ideas as to what it could be? Bacterial infection? Dr had me on Levaquin for a month. Pretty strong stuff. Should have cleared up any bacteria but still the pains.

Any ideas? 3 months now and still things going on. Driving me crazy!

Please, any ideas appreciated!

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If its not herpes, any ideas as to what it could be?

Could be so many things... Being an HSV board, we can be pretty good about saying if something does, or doesn't sound like hsv, but then if its not, we don't know much about other things...

anyway.... sorry I couldn't be of more help, I did want to respond because I'm just guessing that this board won't have too many ideas for you.

good luck!


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