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WHAT the heck is IT?!? Males?

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

I have some concerns. I have three small white bumps on the end of my penis ( just under the head of penis > on the bottom shaft part) I am circumsized ( so these bumps are beside the skin/vien that connects to my "head", on either side), and these "white heads" are where the for-skin is connected to my "head" (on the bottom part, on either side of the skin, just under the head)

I am not sure if it is herpes, b/c it is not fluid filled. The spot is sort of a small dark pink/light red, but in the centre of the small red spot, there are three very small, but noticiceable dot. like a whitehead pimple. and another 2 or three on the otherside of the "forskin

I have had it for a while now... and am not sure what it is... it is a lil' little tender, but not terribly.

I don't kno if it is syphilis? herpes? or genital warts?

if there are any males with similar problems, can they give me some advice. i am planning to see a doctor soon, cause its got to a point where, i don't know what the heck it is.

but before i go... i just want a heads up...

sorry for the gorry details, but


I need some advice

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Not a man... but white heads aren't usually HSV, but clusters are. If you haven't made an appointment, do it now and be seen ASAP where the doc needs to see & culture the area while it's active.

As for other possibilities..... I'm sure someone will respond to that - I'm not sure. But definately make that appointment.

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b/c it is not fluid filled

If its not fluid filled, its almost certainly not hsv...

Maybe molluscum?

Maybe something else...

But I'd say almost certainly not hsv...

See what Dr. says..

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