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If blood tested HSV 1 positive, how can I tel

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it's oral or genital? I also has no symptoms before. So, I am so confused.

Is it also possible that I contracted genital 10 years ago and all this while no symptoms and all of the sudden, an outbreak today or in the future?

Frankly, I am a bit scared. Shall I tell my husband? I also shared food and kissed my children before I knew it. What shall I do?

Do you think it's selfish of me if I just forget it and live my live as if nothing has happened? A lot of the sites say we would get it as we grow up... I really feel like hiding myself from all the people in the world.

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You can't tell where you have it through a blood test. It's more likely that you have had a coldsore sometime in your past and unless you have an outbreak you may never know where it is.

There should be no shame in telling your husband this so that he knows if you ever get a coldsore in the future that you can pass it on to him if he doesn't already have it.

As long as you don't have a coldsore or a prodromal symptom such as tingling and itching before an outbreak there is no reason to worry about kissing your kids or sharing foods. I have kissed boyfriends in the past without outbreaks and never got coldsores myself. I just always made it a habit not to kiss my kids on the lips to reduce spreading any kind of germs and viruses to them and because of the fact that kissing my kids on the lips just didn't feel right.

I don't know what prompted you to be tested but at least you know your status now and it wouldn't hurt to share that knowledge with your husband so that he is informed. Relax sweetie, take care.

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Please don't ignore it. Definately let your husband know. 80% of the population is carrying the virus in the form of cold sores. While that should be as big a deal as the one in four carrying it downstairs, it isn't. Anyways, the chances are higher that you just have cold sores.

Not to seem rude, but feel it would be selfish to act like you never got those test results. That's the attitude that got me infected. Someone decided to ignore the symptoms or results and never disclose. Had I known, I would have still gotten involved with him, but the location he was infected was easily covered by a condom. I would have walked away clean.

Helied is dead on, as always :cool:

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