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HSV symptoms seem constant

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I have had HSV2 since around May 2007.

My initial outbreak, which I thought was a WHOPPER yeast infection, didn't go away with medication for a yeast infection.

It was getting worse and worse, I couldn't sleep or stop the pain or itching and eventually what I thought were a couple of ingrown hairs that had developed overnight and burst appeared, so I went to the doctor to see what it could be. It turned out to be HSV2... from sex with my partner who (says he) didn't know he had it. By the by... nothing can be done about that, and whether he was telling the truth or not is irrelevant now! We broke up shortly afterwards... the relationship was not great from the start.

The emotional and mental turmoil of contracting this was horrible, and still is, but I try to dismiss it as much as possible with the same mindset... there is not a thing I can do about the fact that I have it, so I may as well just get on with life and spend as little time worrying about it as I can, and concentrate on managing it. Believe me, this is easier said than done, but I try.

I didn't know anything about H when I contracted it other than it was something I never wanted to have. I fear that my lack of knowledge may have caused it to spread to other areas of my body (some sores/lesions inside my mouth on occasion, and more pimples than I have had for a long time) but I am unsure. I should have had this checked out earlier but didn't have medical ins, and now I don't have the time to go to several doctors appt and get tests to find out. I want to, but I work & travel 12-14 hours a day in a NEW job and just can't be taking time off to go to appts all the time.

After my initial ob I had virtually no symptoms for 5 months except the odd tingling, v occasional slight itching, but no sores or anything like that... then in October I had my first obvious ob. I had started seeing someone who I told about my H BEFORE we started having sex. He was great and didn't hesitate to tell me that it changed nothing about the way he felt about me, but of course we are careful...

Since November (after my second ob) it feels like I have been having CONSTANT obs. My diet has been changing a lot as I have been traveling, which may not be helping, but I seem to constantly be itchy, even if there is no other sign of an ob...

Also - in November I started taking Valtrex daily to suppress shedding and potentially outbreaks. It SUCKED. That is when my skin started getting bad (although this could also have been the food and travel in different climates), and I started getting random spots/bumps all over my body. I stopped taking Valtrex as was away from my partner for 2 months and don't like taking drugs daily if I can help it. I haven't had it since except for a few days in Feb when I think I was having an ob. It was awful and made me feel crappy and my skin worse (could this just be my body lacking defenses to fight infections and so my skin is bad?)

Anyway - the random bumps I thought might be mosquito bites, but they came up instantly, were very itchy and then generally after scratching once, were like a burst blister/sore. They are quite small, but I think blister like before I scratch them and appear ANYWHERE on my body. Has anyone else experienced this? Has it correlated to starting taking Valtrex?

I also have noticed that for the last couple of months by scalp has been VERY itchy, especially when I work out or sweat alot. I cannot feel any sores back there and am hesitant to ask my partner to look... bit of a "head in the sand, I don't want to find out of have H on my head" mentality! I don't have any dandruff or flakiness as if it might be dandruff or psoriasis... I think this is one for my doctor.

I am increasingly paranoid that I have self infected new parts of my body. I don't use a towel more than once before I wash it and try to wash it on hot... unfortunately if I wash my undies/pants/jeans etc... on HOT they will all disintegrate quickly or shrink... so I wonder if I am not killing the virus enough in my clothes and that is making it worse.

I also fear that the pimples on my face are actually H. I know that H are blisters, but they look remarkably similar, are sometimes itchy and I can't tell. Can anyone shed some light on this? I am sure I am just being paranoid, but not knowing much about H when I first got it, I was still doing the same things in the shower and I worry I may spread it.

Anyway - I have just found this site (which is awesome) and have been reading all the posts about paranoia of re-infection, and eliminating ob through diet etc... and am very excited.

I didn't know a lot about the food triggers before and am going to start really changing my diet (perhaps eliminating 4 coffees a day might help!) and perhaps do a mini master cleanse. I eat fairly healthily already, but have been splurging a lot lately and feeling crap inside me for the food I am eating. I am sure if my body is struggling to just deal with the crap I am putting into it, it doesn't have much extra energy to fight an ob.

Oh - two final questions... if I am doing high energy, contact sport (where you sweat a lot), should I avoid it when having an outbreak for fear of passing it on? Also - are there any groups where people meet in person to talk about this? Perhaps people don't want to put faces out there when it comes to this kinda thing, but it would be really helpful.

That's about it from me. Aside from the fact that I sound like a paranoid freak who worries constantly, I really am coping OK, just want to know how to not feel quite so infected on a daily basis.

Thanks for reading. :o)

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Hi msaernyoj,

You and I nearly share the same anniversary of hsv infection. Not that it's a celebration, but the good news is the longer you have it, the more antibodies your body will have had time to build and make it less likely for you to spread your infection to other parts of your body.

I wouldn't worry so much about the way you launder your clothes or they way you shower. The virus doesn't hold up well outside the body and dies off quickly. You are soaped up in the shower with constant water running, so it's not likely that it would spread. If you have an active OB just be mindful of it and don't use a wash cloth on the infected area and then on another part of your body.

I know it's hard not to think every little thing that shows up on your body isn't hsv related, that will get better as well. It's great that you have found this board, just to help with that alone. When I first was diagnosed, I, too, thought every tingle or itch was hsv. After coming to this forum and learning from old and new posts I have really relaxed, You will too. Education about this virus is the key to letting you feel you have control over your body again.

I think you are on to something when talking about looking into what your triggers are for OB's. Like your coffee consumption and the foods you are eating. There are links to the right of this forum page that will help you with nutrtion information and supplements.

Hope you feel better soon.

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Pimples on your face could be adult acne. I got it all of a sudden a few years ago and it looked BAD. I also couldn/t help but think it is herpes related, especially because some pimples looked more inflamed and turned into some kind of sores that wouldn't go away as fast as typical pimples. Doctors suspected acne or rosacea. They gave me antibiotics that only flared me up. Then I tried herpes medication and it also seemed to make things worse. Finally I did some research and found there is something called cystic acne.

If you are interested, please send me a private message and I will tell you what supplements I took and what finally helped as far as acne is concerned. Good diet is important, too - I had to give up sugar and wheat (it turns out wheat causes many kinds of skin inflammations) and I have half-a-cup of weak coffee not more than three times a week. I also try to eat something organic and some raw vegetable every day. No-wheat diet is a very difficult diet for me because I just love good fresh bread and pastry. So I try and fail and try again. But judging from results, it's the way to go for me.


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Have you ever tried baking with splet as a flour alternative?

Okay, I haven't actually baked with it myself because there are a few bakeries here that have vegan and wheat-free baked goods. So, I just purchase it occasionally ;) But it's really tastey!!

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Yes, I 've considered some wheat-free alternatives, such as spelt, rice flour, buckwheat flour and oatmeal (this one doesn't seem to cause any OBs in me).

I haven't baked with these ingredients, but I've tried spelt cereal and I've tried making pancakes with buckwheat flour.

The problem I have is that all these dishes call for some sugar (I am allergic to Splenda) and I love sugar so I overindulge.

Moderation requires a lot of self control :smile:

What works for me is total ban :sad:

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    • Skrillah80
      So ur saying the herbalife was the key?? Olive leaf extract and pro biotic are good? How many mgs of Lysine did you take a day? 
    • that1youngguy
      hello all, update... so the white ulcer inside started around january 4... and today it is still there... no burning while i pee, just a constant mild irritation feel, no other symptoms i went back to get retested 2/12 so 2.5 months after exposure... including HSV, HIV, gon, chlam, everything came back negative... the doctor thinks it's some form of chlamydia, he gave my doxy for 10 days is it too soon to tell if i have HSV? is it possible to have an ulcer inside the urethra and be fungal or bacterial?
    • MikeHerp
      Probably not many.  I'm going to change my twitter symbol to the copper ribbon at least.  
    • nope1234
      okay! I guess I will just start at the basic dosage of vitamin C and go up every week little ? I take 1500 mg of super lysine like the bottle says and it still gives me gas and diarrhea. hoping it will pass if not I'll drop down to 2 a day! I really appreciate the advice! i know we would all.do ANYTNING to not have OB  at the moment idc about stigmas od boyfriends or dating or sex....I just care about FEELING healthy in my own skin. this is my one and only life 
    • Lulupazoola
      That sounds like a good place to begin.  The lysine worked really well for me for about a year and a half.  Then things got steadily worse for me and nothing worked until vitamin C.  My immune system is not that great even tho i take care of myself, so u may have good luck if u have a decent one.  With the vitamin c, u must 1) take it at intervals throughout the day, not all at once 2) dont increase the amount u r taking too fast 3) it will give u gas at higher doses and even diarrhea if u go crazy with it. These r signs to lower your dose!  If u can just control your OB's with vitamin c and lysine or anything else, maybe a cure will finally become available.  

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