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Another Qx of Pilot and other regulars

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

I'm the guy who posted earlier today about the Negative test result I got about 15 weeks post possible exposure.

The thing that is still freaking me out is that early Jan, I noticed a small tear in my skin in between where my inner leg meets my groin, like deep in the groin area. It was small like, a centimeter or two, looked like round tear in the skin, and it was red. I only noticed it because it stung a little when I was in the shower and soaped that area.

It went away in a few days, but...now I have another one. It's not in exactly the same spot, but close (lower or deeper in the groin this time).

I think I've gotten them before (way before the possible herpes exposure) but, like I said, I'm freaking out and obessing about EVERYTHING.

I posted a qx about it on Healthboards.com and one guy said it may be herpes. What do you guys think? Does this sound like Herpes? Anyother others get this type of symptom?

thanks again

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Guest Anonymous

I'm new here and Pilot is helping me along too........

But if I may......

That certainly doesn't sound like herpes to me based on the location you mentioned. I think your fine. I think your paranoid as i was 10 years ago when I swore every bump on my rod was Herpes.

I think your fine.

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Stop the insanity...

Next time you get one of these "sores" go to the doc, get it swabbed...

Positive for HSV - deal with it - we will be happy to help

Negative - get some neosporin and stop killing yourself.

(I mean this in a good, supportive way - I'm just tired... sorry if that came out harsh)

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Well... Again... you had a bloodtest... it came back negative...

The area you are talking about seems like it would be prone to 'irritation'..

It would be UNLIKELY that hsv would limit itself to that area only...

So I'm still very confident that you don't have hsv.. its probably something else...

however, like las suggested... go get it swabbed next time....

It sounds like you need EVERY bit of reassurance you can get, so why not go pay for the test for a little peace of mind...

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