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Outbreaks & Pain

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1. I am wondering how many of us are getting painful outbreaks.

2. Are they painful all the time or only in the beginning?

3. Are painful outbreaks usually bigger outbreaks (that is , more that 1-2 pimples/sores) or- it has nothing to do with size /area of OBs.

4. Is urination usually painful during OBs? Is it also ever accompanied by fever or other typical symptoms?


My OBs have never been painful, only if the sore gets stuck to my underwear.. I have solved it by using pantiliners - it turns out my sore doesn't get stuck to a pantiliner. I do not associate any fever or tingling with outbreaks, either.

Nevertheless, I always feel something is not right in that area. Recently I have been paying more attention to it hoping to find out if I ever feel right. Well, I do not know if this is the result of my paranoia, but this area hardly ever feels right.

Sometimes I wish I had more typical viral outbreaks I've read about here: with tingling, ob, oozing, crusting and it's all over. It seems like this kind of OB is easier to predict and control and it's over sooner. My painless sore seems to stay there forever, I don't notice exactly when it comes and it fades away very, very slowly over a long period of time.

It seems like I have low immunity and my virus is not in the best shape, either.:D

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