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my partner has never been diagnosed with herpes, although she has had small sores in her mouth, nothing like some of the pictures ive seen, but irritations, that are tiny with a little white spot in the center and soemtimes barely noticeable, however i am unsure if i have gotten it from her. When I go to get check ups, which are quite frequent, i come back neg. for everything, including herpes, does that mean i dont have it? I have had an instance where she thought I had soemthing similiar to hers, but it did not hurt and i had no symptoms, nor was it like hers. I have really sensitive gums, esp. after two surgeries and any time i eat soemthing too hot, like burn my gums or bite on to it, they get irritated and the skin obviously will get a mark from either. how can i tell if my gums are irritated are torn from soemthing else and it is not a sign of herpes?

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Hi luchadora,

What you are describing sounds a lot like what my daughter would get in the tonsil area and a doctor had told her it's like a filtering system that collects the bad bacteria before it goes down your throat or something to that effect. She didn't experience any pain at all with it. Maybe a doctor or dentist could help you with that.

As for sensitive gums, anything too hot to eat or bite down on will most likely traumatize that area and you should be able to associate the symptoms with something you have just recently done in situations like that.

This doesn't sound like herpes and since you do get tested you should feel quite confident that this is not.

Hope that was helpful.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • Juck
      Hi, I have the exact same thing and have been to a gp and sexual health clinic and it hasn’t been resolved. Did you get any answers?
    • asot34
      a week ago, I went to lab and get my test done for STD. everything is clear on the test except HSV 1.   Ranges are  <0.90 - Negative 0.90-1.09 - Equivocal >1.09 - Positive   And My result for HSV 1 seems to be too high    it is HSV 1 IGG, TYPE SPECIFIC AB 56.90 H ( OUT OF RANGE ) I was paid for this test (full std) everything came back negative except hsv 1, after I seen the result, I called my doctor to made an appointment to discuss this matter. I will most likely request a test from my doctor and have him to check this out.  It's been 3 years I was in USA and had sex just a couple times.   I never had unprotected sex since like 10 years. I was in USA for 3 years now and like i said never had sex unprotected almost for 10 years. Received oral for 5-6 times.   Here is the picture :  The purple marks on my legs are stretch marks due of doing weight lifting. I do have so many of them on my body. As you see in the picture, they are FLAT. not like a bump or pimple. I checked so many pictures on internet but I think mines don't look like herpes but I just want to know your thoughts about this.  
    • asot34
      Delete please, wrong category 
    • Quest
      That is not herpes for sure. Ingrown hairs!
    • Quest

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