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sore that will not go away!!!!

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I have had a sore that has been on the upper shaft of my penis that has been there for about a month now - I have been on valtrex daily suppressive therapy for a while - i went to see my doctor and he increased the dosage to 1 gram a day (this was a week ago) and put me on acyclovir as well - still, it has not gone away - It will scab up, but remains very red...about a quarter inch wide by a few centimeters...I am trying some herbal stuff today and changing my diet....has anyone ever had it this severe? It is driving me crazy!!! i am putting some lemon oil on it...i am exercising and this is by far the worst it has ever been - any advice or support would be greatly appreciated!!!!

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Hi Countryfied and welcome,

Gosh, I'm sorry you are having such a long lasting outbreak!

I have never heard of putting lemon oil on an ob before...I was wondering if you had read about it somewhere, or how you came about it?

The herbal supplements and diet change can only help, I think.

I hope you heal soon..

Take care

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Thank you Shayna -

i appreciate that - I ordered on online book that suggested lemon oil...I guess I am at my wits end and will try anything - I have also noticed people using Purell on here - i wonder if that works - anyways, I will give it another week and then I will need to see another doctor or figure something out...thank you again for your response - it helps!

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Let me understand what your saying here, your Doctor has you on valtrex suppressive daily? And then when the sore did not heal after 1 month he put you on acyclovir on top of the Valtrex???m If that is correct then with all do respect your Doctor is not very well informed. valtrex and Acyclovir are identical except valtrex absorbs in the body better that is why you need to only take 1 tab daily and Acyclovir you need to take 2x daily, there is NO medical reason, I am aware of that ANY doctor should be piggy backing those 2 meds!!!:confused: Second herpes usually does not last for a solid month even if it is your primary outbreak, it usually heals at about 1-3 weeks. I am not angry with you I am surely angry with a doctor that would prescribe you the same medicine only by a different name, that is just wrong. We are already at the mercy of the Pharmacutical companies and now I hear this, very upsetting.:x I would suggest to you to please go to a Dermatologist for a second opinion, it could give you some more answers as to why the sore wont heal. I wish you the best and hope you get the answers you seek! Keep you head up and I will keep you in my thoughts.:p

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