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Can oral hsv1 be classified as an STD???

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Hi all,

I would like an honest and not combative response if possible to a question my husband asked me yesterday, that truly I never thought of and have not heard any one address.

He said to me I have had oral herpes as a child, no one has ever really explained the true nature of this virus. All these years it was the so called "good" herpes. he then went on to ask me since i gave you ghsv1 which is classified by the medical community as an STD because it is now in your genital area can Hsv1 (orally)be technically called an STD since it can be spread to others genitals? And if it is classified as an STD why are Doctors so unconcerned about not coming right out and telling people it is an STD, I was surprised by the question and never thought of it in those terms, would love to get other opinions on this question. Take care.

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STD means a disease that can be transmitted sexually.

If we lived in a world where people do not engage in oral sex at all, then oral HSV1 maybe would not be classified as STD.

But oral sex being so popular nowadays, yes, oral HSV1 is an STD.

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I would say it's a sexually transmitted disease only if it was transmitted sexually, otherwise no, different modes of transmission.

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Depends what STD stands for:

= Sexually Transmitted Disease


= Sexually Transmittable Disease


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I think it's an STD. I think HSV-2 is an STD too, no matter where it shows up. Mainly cause i got HSV-2 from someone who had it orally.

I think if it can transmit to genitals, it's an STD. Oral HSV, we all know, can transfer to the genitals, therefore, it's an STD in my opinion.

I think the thing about doctors not telling people their innocent "good" cold sores are STDs is more about the fear of patients getting upset. Doctors don't want the patient to be upset (same reason they push epidurals on all women in labor -- they want a "pleasant" birth experience with no pain, rather than remembering it as a negative, so you'll come back to their hospital). It's all bass-ackarwads.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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