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red tiny dots on pennis, a week after safesex! is it herpes?

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I had sex with one woman on mid Dec 07 and with another woman i know on march 1st week.

From march 2nd week onwards i found im having some red dots on my pennis. I freaked out and i thought im infected with HIV. Well..i searched online and found diseases like herpes and balanstis.

I used condoms on both occasions. But the second woman performed oral sex on me without any protection.

I ve decided to consult a doctor late this comming week.

what will this thing could be!!

Tiny red dots with a white substance on top, when i wash that white tiny thing it leaves a red rash sometimes, sometimes it will be all clear, sometimes just tiny red dots. I dont have any pain, no itching..etc. I mastrubate once or twice a month. Everything is just fine, execpt these dots that freaks me and give me big anxiety and tension.

Ive some pics attached, plz help.

[images removed by Admin]

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Seeing a doctor is the best thing you can do. I wouldn't want to scare you and have it turn out to be nothing. When I found I had symptoms of something, I made the appointment and tried not to sweat it until I got the lab results.

Stay calm. Getting freaked out isn't going to change the outcome, whatever it is, so may as well sit tight until you know for sure.

Try to press your doctor for a sooner appointment. Check each day for cancellations. The sooner you go, the sooner your results will be back.

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