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common to have outbreak while on valtrex daily?

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kinda weird but can you still have an outbreak while daily taking valtrex??

Just noticed yesterday that I had a few blisters on my shaft near the original outbreak site and so I went ahead and upped my doseage from 500mg to 1g and this morning I noticed there were a few other bumps in the area as well.

I know its an outbreak...luckily it doesnt itch *knocks on wood* but I thought that since valtrex stopped the replication of the virus...this wasnt possible??

also, dont know if it might be related but the past two weeks I've smoked a little bud a few times, maybe that affects it??

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Valtrex doesn't stop HSV from showing up. It's a horrible misconception that doctors allow. Valtrex can reduce outbreaks and reduce shedding, but doesn't STOP the virus. There's no guarantee that you WON'T get outbreaks or that you WON'T shed while taking Valtrex. It's just supposed to help your outbreaks occur less frequently, heal faster, and reduce shedding. Sorry, there's no cure for HSV.

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    • Sarahbby28
      Why is there no transmission rates for type 1?
    • Hester
      I have exactly 1 vacyclovir left. This is also my first OB. Still having discomfort. I hoped the symptoms would be gone before I took the last of the prescription
    • mol
      So i got diagnosed wih GH type1 about 5weeks ago the Dr told me it was definatly my primary outbreak as it was so severe swab result came back positive. I spoke to the guy i had been seeing for the last 6months as its extremly unlikly iv got it of anyone else & he told me he had somthing a few months prevous but had been told it would clear up so didnt feel the need to tell me. He has since been to get tested & informed me that his bloods came back normal & clean!! How is this possible when he has had a coldsore on his genitals in the past? Can the bloods come back clear?   
    • Qwerty1234567890
      Hi guys. I have recently been told I have herpes type 2, I have been taking acyclovir for it as I keep having outbreaks, does anybody know if doctors in the uk prescribe valtrex please? 
    • Jeremy Spokein
      After the 3 days of taking 2x 500 mg Valtrex a day (I sensed an outbreak coming with tingles/itching), the itching has 90% stopped for the most part. Today was the first day I woke up with no itching or tingling down there, but I took 1 pill in the morning. Planning on doing suppressive therapy for a year to see how things go. I notice a slight tingle now at night, but nothing like it was when it first started (the prodrome). Only 3 weeks in after my first OB. Do you suggest I just take 1 500mg a day, or is it safe to take 2 500mg a day on an ongoing basis? Just don't want to feel those tingles again. I have a pivotal week in my career this week and need to be at my absolute best with total mental sharpness.
    • Jeremy Spokein
      Thanks, everyone.
    • WilsoInAus
      There are hundred million or more episodes of oral sex every day.  We know the transmission rates for HSV-2 male to female let's use 8% per annum or 100 episodes. That is 1 in 2,500. If genital HSV-1/HSV-2 infections are 50/50 then we can do some rough guess work. Now 5 times as many males have oral HSV-1 than genital HSV-2. So transmission rates must be 1/5 to result in the same level of infection. However not every sexual episode involves oral sex. Even if you assume 1 in 5 times it does, you are back to where we started, 1 in 2,500. That's not 1% per episode, its much lower. Actually there is more, my maths is out, because only women who do not have HSV-1 are at risk, that means the possibility of infection is for 30% that changes the odds by a factor of three. However I still think we are in 1 in 2,500 territory. Remember on this site you only see people who are infected, not the millions that receive oral sex and no transmission ever.  
    • boricacid
      This also answers a question I had. Same feeling:  Better and worse. 
    • boricacid
      Saw doctor today... it's not 100% certain, but he said the large sore on my vagina is most likely herpes.  I know it is; gut feeling.  I went this morning after discovering the first blisters at 3 AM last night (up late playing video games and started to feel itchy).  I believe I may have had my first outbreak 6 weeks ago when I thought I had a cut on my vagina, but also felt very ill.   I have a boyfriend.  He's never displayed any symptoms and he's told me he's clean. I know this virus can be transmitted asymptomatically, and he's had a lot of sexual partners (no protection) in the past.  He's joked about being lucky.  He recently said he'd kill himself if he got genital herpes.  He's had a serious suicide attempt last year.  I think he may have given it to me....I'm scared to tell him.   I can't sleep or eat.  I'm just crying.  I know there's life after this, etc. etc.  I feel crushed and now I have to crush another person with the truth. 
    • Lilibet
      @VVK thanks. No no will definitely still be here. This forum has been invaluable to me over the past couple of weeks. thanks again. 
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