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Prodomal symtoms

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Hi everyone!!!!

What is prodomal symtom? I have had herpes for about 10 years and I am about to get into a new relationship, so I have forgot all the terms. I have herpes 2 but my out breaks are not bad. I only have them when I am stressed out. This is only about 2 or 3 times a year if that much. With that I only get 1 or 2 bumps that look like hair bumps. I was thinking about going on medication to give my friend a piece of mind, but I am on a lot of other medication, so I don't want to add any more. I just want to know about other people experience with this.

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I can't respond to the experience of medication but the prodromal symptoms are the itching and tingling sensations you get in the are of your outbreaks that you might feel a few days before the OB.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • Juck
      Hi, I have the exact same thing and have been to a gp and sexual health clinic and it hasn’t been resolved. Did you get any answers?
    • asot34
      a week ago, I went to lab and get my test done for STD. everything is clear on the test except HSV 1.   Ranges are  <0.90 - Negative 0.90-1.09 - Equivocal >1.09 - Positive   And My result for HSV 1 seems to be too high    it is HSV 1 IGG, TYPE SPECIFIC AB 56.90 H ( OUT OF RANGE ) I was paid for this test (full std) everything came back negative except hsv 1, after I seen the result, I called my doctor to made an appointment to discuss this matter. I will most likely request a test from my doctor and have him to check this out.  It's been 3 years I was in USA and had sex just a couple times.   I never had unprotected sex since like 10 years. I was in USA for 3 years now and like i said never had sex unprotected almost for 10 years. Received oral for 5-6 times.   Here is the picture :  The purple marks on my legs are stretch marks due of doing weight lifting. I do have so many of them on my body. As you see in the picture, they are FLAT. not like a bump or pimple. I checked so many pictures on internet but I think mines don't look like herpes but I just want to know your thoughts about this.  
    • asot34
      Delete please, wrong category 
    • Quest
      That is not herpes for sure. Ingrown hairs!
    • Quest

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