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i have herpes

got a question

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i have herpes

I have herpes 1. what do you people think is worse to have? I have outbreaks rare but it is visible. Do you people think having herpes type 2 is worse since most people can not even see it?

Another question for people with type 2. I have heard you can not go swimming because it will cause outbreaks. Is this true?

Do you people still go swimming with it?

Sorry, just found this site and have a few questions about herpes that I have been wanting to ask.

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hi ihh,

I assume you are saying you have oral herpes since you can see yours so if you have oral type 1 it is in it's preferred location and therefor it is possible that you will have more frequent outbreaks than if it were type 2 orally. People with type 2 genitally will likely have more outbreaks than persons with type 1 genitally but everybody is different and usually, over time, outbreaks decrease.

I can't answer the question about people with type 2 and swimming but my guess is it isn't an issue for most people. Persons with type 1 orally, however tend to have more outbreaks when exposed to time in the sun.

Hope that helps.

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Hi there, I'm not sure exactly what your question is but I think you might be wondering how we feel about our herpes? I have GHSV2. I actually feel that I'd rather have type 2 genitally than having type 1 because I can hide it. Nobody can see if I'm having an ob. And it's harder for me to touch a sore than it would be if I had a cold sore. I have OCD and am constantly washing my hands, but I think it would only get worse if I had type 1 because I would think I was constantly shedding around my mouth, and anytime I got any saliva on my finger I'd freak out. I'd be so worried about getting herpes whitlow, or ocular herpes, which are both mostly caused by HSV1. HSV2 is much harder to infect the oral area, and when it does the amount of shedding is almost nil. So although I'd rather not have any type of HSV, I'm fine with the fact that I have type 2 genitally. If I had oral herpes, I'd also constantly worry about kissing anybody - my OCD would take over. I think I prefer the type that I have, but I guess I can't compare since I don't have it orally. :)

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      Try eating garlic or putting dynamiclear on it.. 
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      I'm not that well versed in HPV but HPV eventually is cleared by the body on its own.  A vaccine does exist which helps immunize against certain strains of HPV (not all of them), but will not treat HPV for those who already have it.  Everyone, male and female, who is eligible should get the Gardasil vaccine. If a new vaccine exists to treat HPV that's great, but I'm doubtful based on a quick Google search.
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      I am new to all of this. My girlfriend has been told by a docter she has Human Papillomavirus (HP) and that in Mexico they have a cure they just develop, I guess a month or so ago Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine , have anyone heard of this. It is a lot on the internet about it. But I don't know how much I trust it.. Thank you AMM

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