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    • Runner278
      Here is an article that discusses postherpetic neuralgia. This is what my doctor will finally diagnose me with once I put it cleanly under his nose. While I haven’t had lesions, I’ve had many of the other symptoms of HSV2 that 5 drs, 4 urgent care professionals and Terri Warren has said “it’s not herpes”. I go for my western blot blood draw Thursday and I have an appointment with a neurologist on 9/1. This virus not only needs better treatment, it needs better drs.    https://www.herpesite.org/post-herpetic-neuralgia-from-genital-herpes/
    • themotion
      @Cas9 Hey, Sorry to bother you, but can you share your opinion on the content quoted above. Hope all is well.   Thank you
    • Aubrey77
    • WilsoInAus
      Hey @Aubrey77 these symptoms are not something that oral HSV-1 can cause. In the end herpes would do what it does best and this is cause a sore somewhere on the lips . It might tingle a little as it forms, be inconvenient as it blisters and then crust as it heals and all look a little unsightly. But that’s herpes.    No reason to disbelieve your doctors thoughts on your issues.
    • Aubrey77
      Any feed back is welcome. I get these small bumps inside my right cheek. They do not hurt or burst. They just come and go. I showed them to doctors and the say they come up with stress and foods. Problem is I have pain and muscle spasms down right arm and in legs. Are these all ongoing issues for getting virus? I am not sure was going on with my body anymore 
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Guest Anonymous


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Guest Anonymous

Does herpes appear or can appear as a single pimple on the face? like maybe on the chin. It looks as it's a pimple and you could pop it, it's basically a bump, maybe red. I don't know what I have is a pimple or herpes outbreak? It's exactly the same as a pimple, not painful or anything unless you apply great pressure to it. I read somewhere herpes is any skin imperfection, is this ture? -- such as acne? Acne is cause by bacteria and herpes is caused by a virus, but do they both look similar. I'm young, so from time to time I may get a zit or two, but since I was diagnosed positive with HSV1 & 2, any skin imperfection I get, I think is related to herpes. I've never had sores, on my lip or genitals. Can anyone please help? And is it so easy to contract the virus such as drinking from someone's cup or shaking his hand or just rubbing his/her skin with yours? It's shocking to read that herpes is so easily transmitted just by skin to skin contact. I am really confused, can someone please help clarify all this for me.

Greatly appreciated and alot of thanks.

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Guest Anonymous


you are basically done for son. i have hsv herpes 10. You have 1 month to live

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