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coldsores contagious if you already have herpes ?

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Hi ,

Stoopid question,

if you already have herpes (the lips/face) virus in your body, but don't have any coldsore right now.

Kissing a person who has few coldsores on the lips will that make you have coldsores the next few days ?

in other words,

If both person has the Virus, one has the coldsore the other does not, what will that make you have coldsore from kissing that person ?

Does it make any difference ?

My LAST question is, why is that some people have more coldsores than other ? Ive seen people with over 7+ coldsores at once.. how come some people get more than other ?

Ever since i took the anti-viral i didn't get any. And i used to get 1 or 2 coldsores at the most. But some people get like tons of sores on their face, and after taking the anti-viral...they get 1 or 2... from time to time.

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To both of your questions,it really depends on your immune system and it's ability to fight the virus. There are factors that contribute to outbreaks like stress and diet and each individual has different experiences. Hope that helps a little.

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Maybe the theory seems a little cartoonish in my head

but could it be possible that the virus is like an army of virus and some people have more cold sores because they have more virus "troops" in their blood ?

From kissing a person who has more outbreak than you, will that transfer more virus to you ? for some reason i always though that if you only have few coldsores and rare occasion was because you don't alot of that virus in your body. or maybe because the virus did not mutate into a more agressive type. And by kissing a person who has the mutated virus you will get the mutated version of that same virus.

Correct me if im wrong :p

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There have been 5 strains of type 1 and two strains of type 2 identified, some strains can be more virulent than others but it does not necessarily mean that it will make yours worse. Again, it all depends on each individuals immune systems' ability to fight the virus. Naturally, if someone's immune system is compromised then the virus has more opportunity to replicate. There is no way to determine whether their strain will cause yours to be more aggressive.

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