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Kissing a person with an outbreak ? (if you already have the virus)

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Hi ,

Stoopid question,

if you already have herpes (the lips/face) virus in your body, but don't have any coldsore right now (don't show any outbreak).

Kissing a person who has few coldsores on the lips will that make you have an outbreak the next few days ?

in other words,

If both person has the Virus, one has the coldsore outbreak the other does not, what will that make you have coldsore from kissing that person ?

Does it make any difference ?

My LAST question is, why is that some people have more coldsores than other ? Ive seen people with over 7+ coldsores at once.. how come some people get more than other ?

Ever since i took the anti-viral i haven't got any. And i used to get 1 or 2 coldsores at the most before i took the antiviral. But some people get like tons of sores on their face, even after taking the anti-viral...they still get 1 or 2... from time to time.

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If both of you have the same virus you cannot pass the same virus back to one another. BUT I would NEVER kiss or have oral sex with anybody that has an active cold sore, WHY would you want to put yourself at risk of getting a cold sore?? Even if you get them anyway. Heres an analogy you know if you put your arm in a cage with a tiger and knew he would bite it off would you do it anyway? It just does not make sense to put yourself risk. Just my opinion. Take care and keep coming back.

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Not at all stupid a question.

It depends on the strain of the virus you have.

There is both HSV-1 and HSV-2. Having one strain will offer you a 50% resistance to the other. However will not make you totally immune. You can get both strains on your mouth.

So be careful.

Also you have to remember. That even though there are two distinct strains HSV-1 and HSV-2. Within these strains there are slight mutations. Everyones HSV is slightly different, because the virus evolves to fight what methods you use to stop it. Getting infected with someone elses varient of the strain may leed to them blending to mutate into a stronger strain.

It is also possible to spread a coldsore around your body by touch. Even though you have anti bodies to the virus.

The chances of reinfection with the same strain are roughly 15-20%

Chronic reinfection and how well your body fights these things depends on:-

Viral load - How much of the virus is latent how much replicates when an outbreak occurs.

Immune system strength - general health, diet, sleep, execise, other illnesses are all factors that effect your immune system responce to this.

Diet - The virus need certain chemicals and condition to survive. A person diet effects this alot.

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Also forgot to mention.

How bad an infection you have also depends on which strain you have where.

HSV-1 on the mouth will have way more chance of outbreaks and way worse outbreaks than HSV-2 on the mouth.

This is because HSV-2 is more used to the genital area. It is the strain traditionally associated with genital herpes.

If you get HSV-2 on the mouth don't give anyone oral.

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I understand you can have Type 1 and Type 2 on both area.

i took the antiviral 2 years ago, since then i havent got any type 1 outbreak.

I never have any Type 2 outbreak, thus i presume i don't have type 2.

there is a cream to prevent spreading the virus to next cell tissues.

If the person you are kissing use that cream, will that protect you from getting the mutated virus ?

I have no idea if the virus i have is weak mutation or an agressive version.. I just know i dont get any outbreak since i took the antiviral pills. All i remember was 1 or 2 coldsores at most (before taking the antiviral)

but the girl im kissing does have a couple of coldsores right now, although im not sure when she got the sores, maybe 5 days ago. Her two sores are getting brown now. But i heard that even at this phase, the brown thing is contagious.

But as i say i have that virus too.. just not sure how agresive mine is compared to her. I want to kiss her bad, but i don't want to get a more agressive type 1 than the one i already have.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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      Hi, I have the exact same thing and have been to a gp and sexual health clinic and it hasn’t been resolved. Did you get any answers?
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      Delete please, wrong category 
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