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I just learned today that I have herpes.(I also have a UTI-for the first time) When I go to the bathroom I have to scream my way through it. Most painful thing to ever happen to me. I can't even walk or cough without being in excruciating pain. I can not take pain killers due to other medications I am on. Tylenol does not help at all, is there anything I can buy over the counter (currently w/o insurance) to help? I am so scared, and do not know what to do..

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Maybe you can buy some Epsom Salt for baths at home to help relieve the pain. It is hard to go to the bathroom when there are sores. I have heard people say they spray water from a water bottle while they do, or go while in the shower.

Its hard at first to deal with and a lot to take in.It consumes you and takes up all your though. We all try and find ways to deal with it, Medicines over the counter to help us with the outbreaks. Read up on the right on some vitamins to take to help you.

Keep your head up

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The UTI certainly adds to the experience. Get that cleared up and it should get much easier. Lots of water and cranberry juice.

Try to keep calm. The baths will help. When I had my initial outbreak, I could not urinate at all. The doctor suggested urinating while in a warm bath...ew and all, but if it works, it works. The warm water helps. They say that the pain signals being sent to the brain can cause your body to refuse to urinate. The warm water eases the pain. I imagine that despite that you can still urinate, the warm water might ease the discomfort of the act.

I ended up being catheterized (which was no walk in the park) but did find the warm baths were very nice in soothing the external discomfort.

This will pass and once it does, it should never be this bad again. It is the shock to the system while your body scrambles to build up anti-bodies to the invader. Once it does, it gets much easier from there on. Some people don't get any more outbreaks after the first.

Things will be okay. Once the shock of this passes, you can begin to heal from the experience and move on with a normal life. Hard to believe, but it is possible.

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