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New here and just looking for words of wisdom. About me:

Diagnosed with the big H about 10 years ago. Think I got it from cheating boyfriend or date rape situation both of which I don't want to go into. Anyway, I had my initial OB and nothing, or at least nothing that I was aware of ever since.

So imagine my surprise when this morning I woke up with what I could only think is an OB. It has gotten progressively worse throughout the day and now I am sure. The funny thing is it has been so long that I don't even remember what the first was like.

I have no idea why I haven't had an outbreak until today, but I think it has been brought on my high levels of stress, lack of sleep (severe lack of sleep) and lowered immunity. I haven't a clue.

Anyway, I am a firm believer in natural remedies so I popped out and purchased Lysine and Selenium. I already eat pretty healthy, take a multi vitamin and workout regularly. I found this info about the OOO so I went and bought that too.

I've read a lot of what has been posted here and I know everyone is different, but based on my situation how long do you think it will take to clear up? I am not worried about a partner because I am happily single and not even dating. But I have been so run down and not myself I am just trying to get back to normal.

I know no one has the magical answer, but I guess I am just reaching.

Well, thanks for "listening' and I hope everyone is well.

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Hi herpsufferer,

There are so many more members here with more wisdom to offer than I have but I just wanted to welcome you here.

High stress levels, lack of sleep and a lowered immunity are all contributing factors for an outbreak and could very well be the reason you are experiencing one now.

I also believe in natural remedies for what ails us although I don't have much knowledge in that area. I do know that I have had lots of breast pain most of my adult life due to fibrocystic breasts and for the past year and a couple of months I have been taking 1000 mgs of Evening primrose oil daily and I haven't experienced any pain for all that time.

That was just a comment as to how natural supplements can be beneficial, sorry to get away from the subject. Most outbreaks will last between 3-14 days some people could experience them longer. The only thing with natural supplements is they do take time to make a difference.

I do hope this outbreak is short lived for you and that you are feeling better soon. Take care, hope to see you around.

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Well, I decided that this OB is definitely a wake up call for me since in the last 10 years I haven't had an OB. It is pretty bad and painful and I definitely don't remember anything like this before. I kept racking my brain trying to figure out why NOW?? I have suffered with insomnia, been stressed out, many times before, but what makes this different?

I think my body is telling me "whoa nelly". Besides the sleep deprivation and stress I think the biggest difference has been my attitude. I am definitely not myself. I have let my current situation bring me down and the down stage has lasted longer than a day.

So I am going to listen to my body and make some mental changes as well as work on the physical aspects as well.

I have a few questions that perhaps someone could answer...

(Forgive my ignorance please)

Is it possible to infect myself other places? I mean does it generally pop up in the same place or could it really pop up anywhere? I am worried about tending to it and accidently getting it somewhere else. Along those lines, does it get on clothes and re-infect? I mean I wear loose fitting shorts at night to let it air out, but I am worried that cloth rubs it then rubs on my leg and before you know I will have a never ending OB!!!

Again, along the same lines. Has anyone limited their exercise due to an OB?

Can anyone recommend a good multivitamin that can be easily found?

Oh, the OOO is some nasty stuff. Holy moly. What dosage does everyone use and does anyone actually put it on their OB? I did and OUCH! But I think it is helping or maybe it is just wishful thinking.

Any have any experience with monolaurin? I read a bit about that and was wondering if anyone had any input.

I really want to stay away from traditional med's unless necessary, so I appreciate anyone's input.


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I can't answer any questions on the supplements but maybe a couple others.

After 10 years it is highly unlikely that you would infect another area on yourself, not impossible but you have built up an immunity so just be careful after coming into contact with outbreaks and be sure to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water if you do.

As far as clothes just launder them like you always have and again, with the soap in the wash cycle and heat in the dryer the virus hasn't got a chance. Be careful with towels and don't re-use them and be sure to dry any affected areas last. These are just added precautions for peace of mind.

Don't really know about the loose shorts and rubbing as far as spreading, and even though I don't have a herpes diagnosis as of 2 weeks ago, I often thought that whatever I'm experiencing was spreading when I wasn't wearing my thongs, but who knows. Could have been totally unrelated to no panties.

Hope that helps a little.

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      Hey Folks. I have been taking Acyclovir 400MG 3 times a day orally since 1/17. It seems to have helped the burning, but the pain stills comes and goes. Should I continue to take the antivirals? Is it normal for a burning pain to last this long? I think I may continue to take the prescription until I am out of pills, but I am concerned that I am still in pain.

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